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Hispanic Bar Art

Tenemos Pupusas sign

We have pupusas...among other things. These photos were taken near Love Field, in Dallas, where there seems to be a concentration of what I have termed "Hispanic bar art." The common motif is scantily-clad women, often offering up tempting libations. The Rivera Restaurant and Bar (10229 Harry Hines) is was the most impressive example among the bars I have seen. Unfortunately, this mural has been painted over since these photos were taken in August of 2002 (see current picture at the bottom of the page). The bar is still a Hispanic joint, now known as "Los Corrales," but the new mural has a Western motif, sadly with no "pupusas" in sight.

This particular example comprised the entire front of the ramshackle bar and restaurant. The mural is of a tropical scene with two pairs of miniskirt-clad buxom women carrying beers and a plate of steaming food (pupusas?). One woman is beckoning you to enter the front door of the establishment (which I never got the cojones to do). The women are all quite friendly looking (unlike most other women in similar murals in this area).

You can click on the photos to see a larger version. Be sure and check out the panorama of the entire mural below.

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