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Worst HTML ever?

<font class="ColorDarkBlue" size="-1">

This is a snippet of actual html taken from an actual website. I was struck by the audacity of applying a CSS class to a font tag. First off, the font tag is deprecated, but aside from that, the whole purpose of CSS is to replace what things like font tags used to be used for. So the above is a strange, bewildering type of style recursion. Top it off with the poor class name...this html is just so wrong on so many levels, it's truly mind-boggling!

Here's some context for the snippet. Kind of amusing considering that the code was taken from a consulting site offering their web development services.

<td class="TextFont">
        <font class="ColorDarkBlue" size="-1">
        <b>NEED SOME WORK DONE?</b>

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