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The following Fetidware is offered for your enjoyment

In conjunction with Megabyte Rodeo Software

I do all of my not-work programming in Python, a nice clean object-oriented language that is fun to use. I have to use Perl at work, and after a day of staring at that $@crap;, I find diving into a Python project downright refreshing.

  • file_hider.py This little Python utility will "hide" (and later "unhide") files you specify so that their format and original name are obscured. This does not use any sort of heavy-duty encryption, so use at your own risk. But it seems like it might be handy in some situations (for example, to obscure certain image files you might have). Run at command prompt to see arguments and usage.
  • random_sound.py Windows only. Will play random wav files at random intervals. You specify a directory containing the wav files, and some interval options. Run at command prompt to see arguments and usage.
  • stampify.py I often mail my own small packages from home, and to do so I have a variety of stamp denominations and a digital scale. This program will help you combine stamps to get the proper postage. Shows the solution that uses the fewest stamps, and also the solution using the highest denomination stamps available. Just modify the STAMPS list in the script to include the denominations of stamps you have. Sample output: >stampify 111 Using fewest stamps: 3 stamps needed: 0.37 : 3 Using highest denomination: 4 stamps needed: 1.00 : 1 0.05 : 2 0.01 : 1
  • Exif stuff A few Exif utilities written in Python.

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